At Riverside Golf Club, we offer an array of programs to fit any golfer's needs, from individual lessons to group clinics.  Whether you are a beginner, just need a tune up from time to time, or looking for a comprehensive plan to take your game to the next level, our professional staff have you covered.  Contact us to set up your instruction plan and start playing better golf today!

We use a Full Swing Kit launch monitor.  With this device we can measue 16 data points to better understand and help correct issues with your swing.  This technology is also useful for club fitting to make sure you get into the right equipment for your game.

Private Coaching


PGA Head Professional
30 Minute Session                               $50
60 Minute Session                               $75
SERIES OF 3 (30 Minutes)                $125
SERIES OF 3 (60 Minutes)                $200

$35 for 30 Minutes
$55 for 60 Minutes


PGA Apprentice

30 Minute Session                                 $40
60 Minute Session                                 $60

$30 for 30 Minutes
$50 for 60 Minutes

Group Sessions

Tuesday Evening Clinics

Tuesday evengings, there will be a 60 minute clinic at 6:00.  We will cover various topics throughout the year to give you a well rounded game.  Sign up in the hallway 1 week in advance. Fee is $25 per session.

TBD - Putting: Understand speed, alignment, and how slope affects putts.

TBD - Chipping:  Learn how to get the ball closer to the hole from just off the green up to 20 yards away.

TBD - Pitching:  In this clinic, you will learn how to get the ball closer from 15-50 yards.  Improving this area of your game is the fastest way to lower your scores. 

TBD - Approach:  In this clinic, you will learn how to strike your irons/hybrids properly by improving your understanding of how the club and your body work together to get tour-quality impact.

TBD - Driving:  In this clinic, you will learn how to increase your accuracy and distance off the tee.  Finding the fairway is a great way to have more fun and shoot lower scores on the course.

TBD - Bunkers:  In this clinic, you will learn the basics of bunker play.  We will focus on the fundamentals to get you out of the bunker (nearly) every time.

*Schedule may change due to weather